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 At the intersection of city,... - tags: -
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copyright: photo: Asli Dayioglu
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copyright: Photos Proludic
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copyright: Carve
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Houtzagerij - ‘Open and transparent’ - realization: 2016
client: municipality of The Hague
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1 Kai Yuen Street, Hong Kong - Carve was asked by New World Development to design two play spaces for Fleur... - realization: 2015-2018
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Clear Water Bay Road, Hong Kong - Just half an hour drive from the busy city centre of Hong Kong, the Clearwater... - realization: Summer 2017
client: New World Development, Hong Kong
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Frederik Hendrikplantsoen - The Fredrik Hendrikplantsoen is situated west of the city center of Amsterdam,... - realization: 2012-2015
client: Municipality of Amsterdam
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Urban Playspaces Conference 21-22 September 2018, Istanbul - ‘See the city through the eyes of its youngest citizens. ’ - tags: -
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International Symposium City Brand & Tourism Landscape; The Landscape as Strategy - ‘original and innovative approach of designing playscapes’ - tags: awards -
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Dimitra Tsagkalidou - ‘architect engineer’ - tags: -
BLOX - playscape - Copenhagen - ‘At ground level the playground, public plazas (...) indicate a welcoming and intriguing complex.’ - copyright:: All content on this website (text, images, design) are subject to copyright.
tags: concrete, sport, urban, wall-holla, play -
winner 2018 singapore good design - ‘good design’ - tags: awards -
Zorlu Center - ‘Imagination and playful temptation’ - realization: 2014
client: Zorlu Yapi Yatirim A.S, Istanbul, Turkey
tags: timber, urban, play, shopping mall -
Changi International Airport, Singapore - ‘Jewel - work in progress’ - tags: progress -
island interventions - ‘famous for its authenticity and tranquility’ - tags: water, participation -
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modular play structures in shopping centres - ‘dynamic visual attraction’ - realization: 2015
client: wereldhave
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beatrixpark - ‘'an organically shaped sculpture that incorporates various play functions'’ - realization: 01-08-2016
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, concrete, sculpture, play -
play_land - ‘the processual character of the project brought together various professionals and non-professionals to create a new social biotope’ - tags: park, sport, skate, urban, awards -
B-Mine selected for the MIPIM Awards - ‘best urban regenaration project’ - tags: awards -
clear water bay road - ‘crawling bookcase - hong kong indoor project’ - tags: progress -
clear water bay road - ‘special art objects and 'artisanal design' are key in the project’ - tags: progress -
be-mine on 1 - ‘pushing the boundaries in contextual ways’ - tags: awards -
bospark - ‘because of the reflecting effect of the interior the objects seem to float above the ground, when seen from a distance.’ - realization: 2016
client: municipality alphen aan de rijn
tags: park, steel, sculpture, play -
hudson - ‘an informal, layered park with a gradual transition between private and public’ - realization: 2016
client: thunnissen
tags: park, participation, urban, unbuilt, competition -
play landscape be-mine - ‘the design consists of three parts, that create a unity with the mountain and its past: a pole forest as a landmark, an adventurous prismatic play surface on the flank of the mountain and a coal square on the top of the 'terril'’ - realization: 09-09-2016
client: city of beringen
tags: park, concrete, urban, competition, heritage -
oosterpark paddling pool - ‘climbing, running and sliding are united in one sculptural element’ - realization: 01-09-2015
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, water, urban, sculpture, play -
lieflandpark - winner! - ‘most sustainable neighbourhood of utrecht’ - tags: park, participation, urban, unbuilt, competition -
filmcrew from hong kong - ‘short documentary’ - tags: -
installment of little house 'jacob van campen' - ‘the most beautiful house of the street’ - tags: timber, urban -
waterway point - installation of lily trees - ‘eyecatchers on a balcony’ - tags: progress -
adventure mountain under construction - ‘the contours become visible’ - tags: progress -
oosterpark play garland - ‘the common 'colour explosion' is reduced to one long, continuous line’ - realization: 01-02-2016
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, timber, steel, urban, play -
oosterpark play garland opened - ‘subtly changing its colour’ - tags: -
houtzagerij in aanbouw - ‘a winding ribbon knits together the sports- and residential area’ - tags: park, participation, urban, progress -
haags hopje - ‘sneak preview’ - tags: timber, progress -
publications 2016 - WLA magazine #28 - Liberty Park p 14 - 21, Beringen be-MINE October... - tags: -
carve member wins prizes - ‘a slow, natural transformation as alternative for demolition’ - tags: -
sneak preview beatrixpark - ‘sculptural playobject takes shape’ - tags: progress -
ark park - inaugurated - ‘pavilion and outside cooking area on the ancient Limes’ - tags: park, concrete, participation, steel, urban -
toddler pool oosterpark open - ‘climbing- and sliding sculpture’ - tags: -
frederik hendrikplantsoen under construction! - ‘the garland curling through the trees’ - tags: progress -
liedekerkepark - winner - ‘a raised wooden pathstructure knits everything together’ - tags: competition -
winner: beringen - ‘adventurous playscape and landmark on an old terril ’ - tags: competition -
Elke Krausmann - ‘landscape architect’ - tags: -
zuiderzeemuseum festively inaugurated - ‘a do-park for children and adults’ - tags: park, concrete, water, timber -
zuiderzeemuseum final works - ‘a spectacular transportation’ - tags: progress -
copenhagen excursion - ‘inspiration from scandinavia’ - tags: -
publications 2015 - Axis Feature: 'Our Park', June 2015, Vol. 175 Potgieterstraat, Van... - tags: -
route - ‘how to get there’ - tags: -
progress zuiderzeemuseum - ‘the transformation of an entry zone’ - tags: park, concrete, water -
lectures - ‘overview of lectures and workshops’ - tags: -
carve in brazil - ‘from European eyes’ - tags: urban -
kortenbos - haags hopje almost ready! - ‘the the keystone of reactivating this part of the park’ - tags: park, concrete, sport, steel, urban -
carve SG - Carve Pte. Ltd. 1 sims lane #06-12 singapore 387355 t +65 6398 1558 f +65... - tags: -
10th chinese garden expo - ‘happy hill’ - tags: park, unbuilt, competition -
amstelmeer school - ‘a village square in the neighbourhood’ - realization: 2014
client: SPIN foundation
tags: sport, timber, participation, urban, school -
playislands amsterdam forest - In May 2014 the renewed Play Islands in the Amsterdam Forest were festively... - realization: 2014
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, water, timber, nature, play -
ready: playislands - ‘floating islands, rope bridges and tree trunks’ - tags: park, water, timber, nature -
laan van spartaan - ‘curling up to more than five meter height’ - realization: 2014
client: municipality of amsterdam
in collaboration with: Dijk&co landschapsarchitectuur
tags: timber, participation, steel, urban, play -
skate inventarisation - ‘qualitative and quantitative spatial inventarisatio’ - realization: 2014
client: municipality of the hague
tags: skate -
lecture craftsmanship - On the 21st of March, Elger Blitz will give a lecture at Architecture Centre... - tags: -
southpoint buyskade - ‘inviting a new kind of use’ - realization: 2014
client: city of amsterdam
tags: park, concrete, unbuilt -
lot k - ‘designing public space and a building as a unity’ - realization: 2014
client: municipality of the hague
tags: concrete, sport, skate, participation, steel, urban -
freerunning - ‘the sport emerges from an active and innovatie user group’ - realization: 2014
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: concrete, sport, participation, steel, urban -
gardens by the bay - ‘two playtrees’ - tags: park, steel, play -
publications 2014 - ‘published projects’ - tags: -
the staircases of strijp-s - ‘thin stairs unfurl like net curtains’ - tags: steel -
urban intervention award - Carve has been selected in two of the three categories of the Urban... - tags: urban -
interlace - ‘to play is to learn from mimicking eachother’ - realization: 2013
client: playpoint
tags: steel, urban, play -
zorlu center - under construction - ‘panoramaview on the bosphorus’ - tags: park, concrete, timber, steel, urban -
strijp-S - ‘thin stairs unfurl like net curtains’ - realization: 2013
client: DNC vastgoed
in collaboration with: Deltavormgroep, Har Hollands, Piet Oudolf
tags: steel, urban, heritage -
ILAM lecture - End of June, Elger Blitz gave a lecture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he... - tags: -
lucas community - ‘creating a toolbox’ - realization: 2013
client: urbaniahoeve
in collaboration with:: urbaniahoeve
tags: park, timber, participation, urban -
urban agriculture - ‘the pergola of woven metal poles is overgrown with Wisteria’ - tags: park, timber, participation, steel, urban -
billie holiday - ‘the edges of the object continuously transform’ - realization: 2013
client: municipality of the hague
tags: park, concrete, universal design, play -
osdorp oever - ‘the structure is placed between the trees’ - realization: 2013
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, steel, urban, play -
osdorp oever - almost ready - ‘minimal interventions at ground level’ - tags: progress -
exhibition in slovakia - Quality of landscape architecture in Slovakia is, according to the curators of... - tags: -
lot k – start of construction - ‘the furniture is ready already’ - tags: steel, urban -
red fence square - ‘aiming at age group 12+’ - realization: 2013
client: municipality of the hague
tags: concrete, sport, steel, urban, universal design -
wellington new zealand - ‘an exhibition of play furniture, playscapes and play-objects’ - tags: -
publications 2013 - ‘published projects’ - tags: -
entrance area amsterdam forest - ‘a worthy entrance’ - realization: 2012
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, unbuilt -
tree tower - Finally, the tree tower is being installes at the ecological playground in the... - tags: -
garden of the north - ‘a source, a 'polder' and a valley’ - realization: 2012
client: municipality of leiden
tags: park, concrete, water, skate, urban -
entree G - Viaducts are known for their dark, dodgy passages. Spaces you would prefer to... - realization: 2012
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: sport, urban -
root down & reach up - ‘three sculptural trees’ - tags: park, participation, urban, unbuilt, competition -
nature playground sloterplas - ‘floating platforms, tree trunks and a cable ferrie’ - realization: 2012
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, water, timber, nature -
talent campus venlo - ‘a fluid communication and exchange’ - realization: 2012
client: municipality of venlo
tags: sport, timber, urban, school -
goeverneurplein - ‘urban renewal area’ - realization: 2012
client: municipality of dordrecht
tags: concrete, sport, participation, urban -
lelycities - ‘prishtina, skopje, liverpool, marseille and bilbao’ - tags: urban -
nytt djervt frekt - New, challenging, courageous. Under this title, on 23 and 24 March, the trade... - tags: -
safety grass - Showroom MAMA has asked carve to participate in the Designers Against Aids... - tags: -
daalmeer - ‘a green continuous line spatially connects all elements’ - realization: 2012
client: municipality of alkmaar
tags: park, concrete, skate, urban -
publication 2012 - ‘published projects’ - tags: -
dreamhamar - On invitation of Ecosistema Urbano, Carve is contributing with an on-site... - tags: -
zuiderzee museum - The former artificial island at the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen will be... - tags: -
bijlmerpark - ‘the esplanade embraces different elements’ - realization: 2011
client: municipality of amsterdam
in samenwerking met:: marie-laure hoedemakers
tags: park, water, sport, skate, participation, steel, urban -
blokhoeve - ‘two worlds are united in one object’ - realization: 2011
client: municipality of nieuwegein
in collaboration with: Dijk&co landschapsarchitectuur
tags: park, concrete, sport, skate, timber -
het kompas - ‘comprehensive, social and motor skills’ - realization: 2011
client: municipality of haarlemmermeer
tags: sport, timber, universal design, school -
child friendly cities - Every five years the Association of Netherlands Municipalities nominates five... - tags: -
lectures Singapore - Invited by Playpoint Singapore, Elger Blitz has given several lectures in... - tags: -
publication 2011 - ‘published projects’ - tags: -
Marleen Beek - ‘urban designer’ - tags: -
what's up, what's down - ‘cultural catalysts in urban space’ - tags: urban -
velodroom - ‘sculptural skatepark attracting skaters from all over Europe’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of oostende
in collaboration with: technum
tags: park, concrete, sport, skate, urban -
vondelpark canopywalk - ‘in summer, the walkway is almost invisible between the leafy trees’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, timber, nature, play -
vondeltowers - ‘an opening splits the volume into two equal parts’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, timber, play -
potgieterstraat - ‘an anchor for neighbourhood interaction’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: water, urban, play, square -
melis stokepark - ‘playing together doesn't mean playing next to each other’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of the hague
prizes: child- and family friendly Initiatives prize 2011
tags: park, timber, urban, universal design, play -
van campenvaart - ‘a playground where the difference in play between children with and without disabilities is eliminated’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of the hague
prizes: child- and family friendly Initiatives Prize 2011
tags: park, urban, universal design -
kwadrantpark - ‘the distinction between able and disabled children is reduced’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of haarlemmermeer
in collaboration with: marie-laure hoedemakers
tags: park, sport, skate, universal design -
van beuningenplein - ‘regained its position as important link and meeting place in the district’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of amsterdam
in collaboration with: Dijk&co landschapsarchitectuur and concrete
tags: concrete, water, sport, skate, steel, urban, universal design -
meerpark - ‘a collectively used sport-park’ - realization: 2010
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: park, water, play -
poeloever - - realization: 2010
client: municipality
tags: park, nature, play -
bankras - ‘star-shaped sculpture of dark concrete’ - realization: 2009
client: municipality of amstelveen
tags: park, concrete, skate -
a8erna awarded - ‘winner of the routepluim 2008’ - tags: -
beech square - ‘more cosy at the same time’ - realization: 2008
client: municipality of the hague
tags: participation, urban, universal design -
Lucas Beukers - ‘product engineer’ - tags: -
architecture prize haarlemmermeer - ‘second place for carve’ - tags: sport, skate, urban -
palace garden - ‘the materials give different tactile sensations’ - realization: 2008
client: municipality of the hague
tags: park, steel, universal design -
columbus square - ‘stimulating community life’ - realization: 2007
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: water, sport, participation, steel, urban, universal design, play -
dunepark - ‘twisted towers, conical masts and ribbed concrete’ - realization: 2007
client: municipality of velsen
tags: park, concrete, water, skate, timber -
vlaskamp - ‘as transparent as possible’ - realization: 2007
client: municipality of the hague
tags: park, timber, play -
wall-holla nominated for design prize - ‘product for the public space’ - tags: wall-holla -
ambon square - ‘a permeable border’ - realization: 2006
client: municipality of amsterdam
tags: steel, urban, school, play -
getsewoud north - ‘the banded surfacing of the strip indicates each schools boundary’ - realization: 2006
client: municipality of haarlemmermeer
tags: sport, timber, school, play -
getsewoud south - ‘suitable scale and intimacy for young children’ - realization: 2006
client: municipality of haarlemmermeer
tags: sport, urban, universal design, school, wall-holla -
siboga square - - realization: 2006
client: municipality amsterdam
tags: sport, steel, urban -
wall-holla - ‘a vertical play structure’ - realization: 2003 - present
client: various
tags: steel, urban, wall-holla -
a8erna - ‘skating underneath a viaduct’ - realization: 2005
client: municipality of zaandam
tags: concrete, sport, skate, participation, urban -
Jasper van der Schaaf - ‘industrial product designer’ - tags: -
de ark - ‘a flowing bridge connects the whole zone’ - realization: 2002
client: municipality of heemskerk
tags: timber, steel, urban -
Elger Blitz - ‘senior designer’ - tags: -
Mark van der Eng - ‘civil engineer’ - tags: -

Zorlu Center

The starting point for Carve's design was that we wanted children to be able to completely dive into their own world of imagination: stimulated by otherwordly shapes, colours and an unprecedented play experience. It should be a playground visible from afar, yet a world in its own right. This resulted in a playground that is truly one of a kind: everything, from concept to layout, from play equipment to landscaping, was designed specifically for the Zorlu playground. With this, Zorlu Center offers a unique chance to create a backdrop for unforgettable play experiences.

The playground consists of various zones and changes its look: from low, bright and colourful at the entrance zone it gradually transforms into a more adventurous, high and natural looking play environment. Within this gradient, the playground is divided into different 'worlds', who all have their very own character. While the parents are sitting on the neighbouring terrace or the elongated bench that embraces the playground, children can safely explore the whole playground on their own.

The entrance area is dedicated to young children, with gentle hills to climb on, slide down and explore. On these hills, capricious playshapes host numerous playelements for the smaller children, like trampolines, spinners, climbing nets, hammocks and a slide. The wavy shapes of the hills reflect the shape of the neighbouring waterplayground. In the wooden poles lighting elements are integrated.

Moving towards the heart of the playground, the hills turn into valleys. Here, a hidden world can be explored: a bridge, giant netting structure and a giant family slide, ready to be used by a whole bunch of children at the same time. The site is embraced by a natural landform, keeping children safe in the playarea. The climbing nets and family slide are the eyecatcher of the playground; brightly coloured and visible from afar, this zone stimulates the adventurous and explorative nature of children of all ages.

The deep valleys are embraced by a 'mountain range'. Several rows of walls contain an endless amount of play possibilities, from climbing, running, hiding, sliding and crawling to playing hide and seek and diving into a completely other world, overlooking the rest of the playground. Together these walls act like a giant coulisse, which changes shape depending from one's angle. It is an adventure to play here: a labyrinthic system of tunnels, sliding walls, 'birds nests' and lookout points and narrow alleys. Once you're inside the mountain, there are numerous ways to get up to the highest point. The giant slide from the valley-landscape crawls up the hill, connecting both parts of the playground. In a rollercoasterslide of seconds, you're in the heart of the playground again!

On top of this all, the playground contains two towers from which you can overlook the whole playground. They differ in size and ability level, but are unmistakenly part of one 'family'. Transparent and non-transparent routes offer an endless amount of possibilities to go up! They are made of large stacked cubics cladded with wooden slads. The three storey tower sits on the highest part of the playground and contains a long slide which only can be reached by climbing up the mountain range. The slide dives partly underground, covered by the hill – withing seconds, children can slide down to the heart of the playground. The 'birds nests' that are part of the mountain landscape are also integrated in the towers. They function as hidden lookouts; children can climb in there and hover above the ground. The second, four storey high tower is equally transparent and also has an interior which is focused on climbing, hiding and lounging.

The Zorlu stands out in the way it was planned: in a very short time span, the project was designed, engineered and built. Thanks to all parties involved, the Zorlu Playground surpasses all expectations; it is more colourfull, dense and challenging than one could have imagined. But most importantly, it succeeds in merging two important design themes. First of all it is a playground in which children completely can dive into into an imaginative world, while secondly, seen from the outside and despite its colours and unusual shapes, it merges beautifully with the surrounding landscape.